You don’t want to lose a customer/patient after spending all that marketing money to get them. And we all know it is a lot less expensive to maintain your relationship than is to develop a new one. So how can you avoid the common scenario where you have your customers or patients leave you  because you brought in a collection agency? Don’t, let us eliminate your  need for a collection agency.

Picture this…You have a collector working your accounts and he comes to work on Monday morning. He just had a fight with his wife about the $500 she needs to cover the rent on Tuesday. He is desperate for the money (most of us have had that type of experience in out life) and he’s made up his mind to get it no matter what. So he picks up the phone and dials your patient or customer…no holds barred…and he says to himself, “I am going to get that money!” He is going to squeeze your relationship right out the door, whether he collects the money or not. Either way you lose. In fact as you have read, 90% or so goes uncollected with that average agencies anyway and if he does collect you can forget about the your client is gone forever. Is that what you want?

Don’t you think it is better to have your client call your office and speak to the best person possible to handle your relationship? That person is a member of your staff. They know exactly how you want your delinquent accounts treated. You just want to help your clients/patients find a way to resolve their account so that they will keep coming back with all their future business. Can you think of anyone better to deal with your accounts than you or your staff…or do you want to be at the mercy of the “collector” who you don’t know from Adam? If you have heard some of the horror stories I don’t think you would want that.

Even worse, that collector is dependent on someone actually picking up the phone. With caller ID, voice mail and answering machines you know the likelihood of that, especially when the caller ID says ABC Collection Agency. We have the way to get them to call…To find out how, just click here for complete information or a FREE accounts receivable analysis.