Now there is a HANDS FREE—COST FREE way to collect your RETURNED CHECKS. . more money . . . earlier . . . at little or no cost and . . . IT’S NOT A LETTER SERVICE nor IS IT A COLLECTION AGENCY!

The MaxCheck RECOVERY SYSTEM puts in your hands a STATE-OF-THE-ART recovery process that will enable you to recoup your bad check losses before they disappear.

Whether your business has hundreds or only a few NSF’s per month, MaxCheck will accelerate your cash flow, and largely eliminate the need to turn checks over to a collection agency or entertain an expensive guaranty service.

What is the MaxCheck System?

MaxCheck is an integrated Check recovery program that combines:

The immediate impact of the credit bureau, the collection agency, and the attorney, as contained in a series of increasingly intensive collection demands on your letterhead.

The impact of a national attorney network, writing a series of effective collection letters on your behalf.

MaxCheck gives you Pro-active NSF outsourcing, eliminating virtually all-internal effort.

How does the MaxCheck SystemWork?

When a check is returned to your bank, immediate

action will produce MAXimum Check recoveries:

  1. You instruct your depository bank to immediately forward all returned items to our processing center.
  2. We SCAN a copy of the check into the database, and add an optional $10 to $25 service fee to the face value of the check. (All NSF fees paid to you.)
  3. We then commence mailing a series of courteous, but very effective collection demands, on your letterhead, to the debtor. A facsimile of the actual check is also provided on the demand providing irrefutable proof of the NSF to the debtor.
  4. If a check remains unpaid after the final demand, we will transmit the file to an attorney retained on your behalf, who will in turn mail a series of stronger, increasingly demanding contacts on their letterhead. The firm will then make one or more courteous but effective calls on checks over $100.
  5. The debtor is instructed to send payment to yourcollection address throughout the process; you directly receive 100% of all monies paid.
  6. Upon resolution of the check, MaxCheck will, at your option, mail a “thank you” letter on your letterhead to the check-writer.
  7. If the check remains unpaid, MaxCheck will, at your option, transmit the debtor data to one or more national credit reporting bureaus. Your retained attorney will also be available to litigate as appropriate, upon your authorization.
  8. Each month you will receive a detailed Account Status Update Report indicating all activity to date on all checks submitted to the System.
  9. Our client service people will call you each month, effectively ensuring your satisfaction.

How will MaxCheck benefit your business?

Cash flow will be dramatically enhanced, because you receive all payments and your collection demand is intensified and applied immediately. This is in concert with your bank, but now also enlists more powerful tools than an agency.

Recovery will be significantly increased, because the process is immediate and every possible, legal alternative is communicated to the debtor while the check is still collectable.

Security of funds will be maintained, because under the System, you receive all payments though you never have to touch a check again.

Collection cost will be little or nothing, since your enhanced service fee recoveries will more than offset your cost. You will also eliminate excessive return items fees, and since you never have to touch a check, the savings in internal expense, offset most or all of the cost of the System.

Stop Your NSF Losses with MaxCheck!

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