• Improved procedural efficiency. The MaxCollect System will improve your efficiency for handling delinquent accounts. The system eliminates the need for your employees to follow up after a given point in time that you choose. We will then follow-up systematically, every two weeks or as per legal dictates, with an increasingly demanding yet dignified contact from you or your attorney. Many accounts become uncollectable because nobody really wants to go through the distasteful and tedious collection process at the time it should be done. Collection is often relegated to the last item on the “to do” lists, with the hope that it is never reached. As soon as you input an account to MoneyQuest we begin a time-disciplined collection activity for you and with much greater impact.
  • Cash Flow is accelerated and your funds are secure. Payments go directly to you for deposit into your account. There is no faster alternative, and we never touch your money. With payments going directly to you, security of funds is ensured.
  • Costs are reduced. This service will reduce your collection cost by eliminating most of the costs associated with in-house collection functions. Used properly, your cost should range between 3-7%. The collection process is automated and outsourced to MoneyQuest, your service bureau. This defers or eliminates your need for the expensive services of traditional collection agencies, and avoids their negative impact on your client base.
  • Recovery is increased. Due to the impact of the credit bureau, and the attorney, along with the follow up attorney demands, debtor response is much increased, motivating debtors to pay or to call to make payment arrangements. Moreover, because MaxCollect costs so little, there’s no incentive to delay submitting accounts. This means that debtors can be contacted earlier in the “debt spiral” when they are MUCH more likely to pay, because they are much more likely to be ABLE to pay.
  • You maintain control. The debtor contacts contain your address and customer service telephone number. All queries or payment options will be discussed and resolved by your customer service representative and the patient/customer. Furthermore, if there is a valid reason to remove the account from the service, that is totally your option. We feel that the very best person for your patient/customer to deal with is someone on your own staff.
  • Reporting. Client summary reports will be generated daily showing the exact status of all delinquent accounts submitted. This includes full and partial payments, stops, and arrangements made with the debtor.
  • Comprehensive follow-through. Every item, regardless of the amount or geographic location, is given equal and systematic attention. Unlike collection agencies, even small balances are diligently pursued. On the other hand, large balances are recovered effectively as a result of attorney contact and potential legal action.
  • Enhanced goodwill. A Complimentary thank you letter can be sent after an account is paid. This aids in the retention of the patient/customer, and preserves your valuable relationships.

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