For a Financial Institution, one of the most voluminous, pesky and often expensive problems are unpaid overdrafts.

 Now MoneyQuest puts in your hands a new, effective means to recover these overdrafts from your former and sometimes salvageable customers.

This system, MaxDraft, will accelerate your cash flow, significantly reduce your internal cost, and clean up your often-ignored backlog of overdrafts.

MaxDraft puts pressure on the check-writer, and if they are unresponsive, we advise them of the intention to impair their credit rating so that you quickly receive your reimbursement, or at least an immediate response as to the reason for non-payment and a payment plan.

In the event, after four demands, your customer has not responded, the check-writer is put on notice that they will be referred to your attorney.

Utilizing a series of very demanding attorney letters, MaxDraft obtains what you cannot… immediate attention from the check-writer.

Why Does MaxDraft Work so Well?

 Because letters from attorneys are usually acted on immediately.

  • Because what the letters say provides a very real impact.

How Will MaxDraft Benefit You?

 It will recover more of your overdrafts.

  • It will obtain these payments faster.
  • It will reduce your internal costs.
  • It will relieve your staff of the frustrating problem of trying to collect with hours of non-productive telephone calls and letters.

What Does MaxDraft Cost?

A nominal processing and service fee, averaging a few cents per recovered dollar.

  • Your net cost, after factoring in the savings and increased cash flow, will be little or nothing.

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