Robert Hunter, Los Angeles

Chairman and CEO-Emeritus

Hunter began his marketing career with Encyclopedia Britanni­ca, Inc., in 1951, in St. Louis. He entered the correspon­dence school field in 1953 and became President of the American Technical Institute. In 1957, he became General Manager of the Rich Plan, in Los Angeles, and developed a sales organization of over 500 people.

In 1963, he returned to the Britannica organization as a manager in San Francisco. He was promoted to Division Manager in Los Angeles in 1968. In 1970, he was made New England Division Manager, and in 1971 became National Sales Manager and Director of Manpower in Britannica’s Corporate Headquar­ters in Chicago, working with over 3,000 salespeo­ple.

In 1976, Hunter joined a national collection firm, as the Los Angeles Regional Manager. In 1979, he became Vice President of Sales, and relocated to New York, to develop the Eastern United States. Between 1980 and 1985, he opened over 30 offices in the east, and increased sales volume by more than 500% in five years. In 1989, Hunter resigned as Vice President of Sales to act as Chief Executive Officer of a national banking NSF recovery program. In 2000 he along with other collect and business experts formed The MoneyQuest Corporation.


Tony Bonifacic, New Orleans

Director and President

A graduate of Xavier University, Ohio with a degree in accounting he pursued his financial management career for 13 years. Climbing to a corporate career as a controller with a rapid rise with a $4 billion company he became disenchanted with the commuting and politics.  He then worked in the accounts receivable industry for 20 years before he, along with other accounts receivable and business experts, decided to form the MoneyQuest Corporation in January of 2000.  Since then they have helped thousands of companies increase there cash flow. MoneyQuest’s MaxCollect TM service is now a mature product. He now focuses on the national growth of affiliations with groups like United Physicians Network (NYU), association endorsements including examples like the New Orleans Dental and AZ Dental associations and arrangements with major corporations who bring MoneyQuest to their clients.

Specialties: As a former accountant he has been involved as a financial manager, sales manager, administrator, accounts receivable consultant and trainer with literally thousands of clients. He has saved millions for his clients including everyone from mom and pops to NYSE companies.


Cherie Brown, Phoenix

Vice-President of Marketing and Training

Ms. Brown is an internationally recognized businesswoman, speaker and author. She began her marketing career in San Francisco, California as a District Manager with P.F. Collier Macmillan Publishing.

Within three years, she relocated to London, England where she was promoted to Divisional Manager of International Sales of the United Kingdom overseeing 7 offices with over 200 direct sales staff. Upon returning to the United States two years later, Ms. Brown formed a sales and marketing alliance with a fledgling collection company. Through her groundbreaking training techniques, she was instrumental in helping that company open dozens of new offices and train hundreds of new sales staff which resulted in explosive growth for that company. To continue her love of teaching, Ms. Brown left that company in 1998 and formed Marketing Masters International, a professional speaking and training consortium.

Ms.Brown joined MoneyQuest Corporation in 2008. As Vice-President of Marketing and Training for MoneyQuest Corporation, she educates business professionals on methods of improving bottom line profits for their respective businesses. She oversees the company’s training programs for new marketing representatives. Her duties also include creating and maintaining strategic alliance marketing partners for the services of MoneyQuest Corporation. Her expertise has been applied by professionals in health care, financial services, retail and small business.


Fredric Lee Adler, New York

Legal Counsel & Law Alliance Manager

Adler graduated from Admiral Farragut Naval Academy, and then attended Hobart College, where he earned a B.A. in American History and Philosophy. He then attended the University of Virginia law school, earning an LLB. JD degree and was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1960. Adler became a partner with Venitt & Adler in 1970 and soon became Senior Partner.   In 1986, Adler merged his firm with Taub, Pershkin & Cohen and remained until the firm disbanded in 1991. Adler has specialized in retail and commercial credit matters for more than 35 years, representing clients such as American Express, Diners Club, Macy’s, Bergdorf, B. Altman, Discover, Brooks Bros., Saks, Irving Trust, GE Credit, Hertz, Avis, and American Arbitrator Assoc., among others.

Adler helped develop and continues to be involved in the Company’s national Law firm network. He also reviews all contracts and the methods used by participating network firms for quality control, allowing the Company to offer its clients a consistent, effective and unique service. Adler has been associated with the Company since its inception, drawing on his extensive credit industry knowledge and contacts with numerous attorneys nationwide