Are you paying too much for what you are collecting? Did you know that you could recover your delinquent accounts for as little as a nickel (5¢) on the dollar? Does that compare favorably with your cost of collection?

The average agency charges somewhere between 25% (commercial) and 50% of each dollar they recover for you. On top of that, they get 100% of the payments sent to them…NOT YOU. Why should your money go to the agency vs. you. I mean it is your money. Wouldn’t it make more sense and make you a lot happier to get 100% of your money back and have it your bank the day it is paid?

That’s what you will get with MoneyQuest’s MaxCollectTM accounts receivable recovery service. So not only will you pay a lot less, but you will get your money much faster…THE DAY it is paid.

The real key to your collection success, however, is how much you recover. With MaxCollectTM you can expect to recover four to six times more money than the national average per the American Collection Association’s statistics.

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