Chairman and CEO, Emeritus

Hunter began his marketing career with Encyclopedia Britanni­ca, Inc., in 1951, in St. Louis. He entered the correspon­dence school field in 1953 and became President of the American Technical Institute. In 1957, he became General Manager of the Rich Plan, in Los Angeles, and developed a sales organization of over 500 people.

In 1963, he returned to the Britannica organization as a manager in San Francisco. He was promoted to Division Manager in Los Angeles in 1968. In 1970, he was made New England Division Manager, and in 1971 became National Sales Manager and Director of Manpower in Britannica’s Corporate Headquar­ters in Chicago, working with over 3,000 salespeo­ple.

In 1976, Hunter joined a national collection firm, as the Los Angeles Regional Manager. In 1979, he became Vice President of Sales, and relocated to New York, to develop the Eastern United States. Between 1980 and 1985, he opened over 30 offices in the east, and increased sales volume by more than 500% in five years. In 1989, Hunter resigned as Vice President of Sales to act as Chief Executive Officer of a national banking NSF recovery program. In 2000 he along with other collect and business experts formed The MoneyQuest Corporation.