Are you sick of your collection agency collecting 6, 7, or 11% (American Collections Assoc Averages) of the delinquent accounts you send them? Tired of the 40 to 50% fees? Bent out of shape that you have to wait for “YOUR” money that was collected a month or two ago? Yet your collection agency gets 100% of it and uses your money and the float until they send you your “share” of “your” money months later. These are real numbers and it is sad. Really, do you think your $100, $200 or even $500 accounts get a lot of attention. I am sorry to tell you they don’t.

Wouldn’t you rather recover 30, 40, 50% or more, for fees as low as 5%? I’m pretty sure you would and if you could improve your cash flow by getting 100% of your money back the day it’s paid wouldn’t that be even better? We’ve got thousands of clients who think so, and you can have these same benefits too!  By the way, the latest published info according to the 2010 American Collector’s Association survey shows 11.7% as the liquidation percentage .