Executive Vice President and CFO

A graduate of Xavier University, Ohio with a degree in accounting he pursued his financial management career for 13 years. Climbing to a corporate career as a controller with a rapid rise with a $4 billion company he became disenchanted with the commuting and politics. He then worked in the accounts receivable industry for 20 years before he, along with other accounts receivable and business experts, decided to form the MoneyQuest Corporation in January of 2000. Since then they have helped thousands of companies increase there cash flow. MoneyQuest’s MaxCollect TM service is now a mature product. He now focuses on the national growth of affiliations with groups like United Physicians Network (NYU), association endorsements including examples like the New Orleans Dental and AZ Dental associations and arrangements with major corporations who bring MoneyQuest to their clients.

Specialties: As a former accountant he has been involved as a financial manager, sales manager, administrator, accounts receivable consultant and trainer with literally thousands of clients. He has saved millions for his clients including everyone from mom and pops to NYSE companies.